Statement Regarding Daniel Chang's Rant Video

Daniel’s recent video contains a number of libelous statements, but you all probably knew that without us having to tell you. It’s hard to imagine that a serious business owner would stoop to such lows because they didn’t get invited to a private event, yet here we are. We hope that this statement can help clear up any remaining misconceptions. We also hope that Daniel can find some help, as this isn’t a healthy way to spend his time.

The BotB regularly host Old School Magic events where nearly all are welcome. This is how we play (at least) every other week locally. Our events include seasoned veterans who’ve been playing for a long time, all the way through to people who have just recently discovered the fun of Old School Magic. At any given meetup, we have people playing Alpha/Beta cards, CE/ICE, Revised, 4th edition, Chronicles, and even proxies sometimes! The important thing is that everyone can have fun in a safe, inclusive environment. Those who take advantage of others and/or bully are the only ones who are not welcome. Fortunately, this hasn’t been a problem so far.

We also occasionally host larger-scale private events at GPs (Las Vegas, Sacramento, etc.). Those events are sometimes invite-only for space reasons (hosting at a bar, the local VFW, etc.). For our upcoming premier event, we reserved a small space, and invited the friends that we most enjoy playing Old School Magic with to our celebration. We’re sorry if some feel excluded by not being invited to our private event this time, but we just cannot physically host everyone who would like to come and play. There are several other invitation-only events in the Old School community, so this isn’t something n00. ;) If our event is successful, we hope to replicate it again in the future, and potentially increase the size/scope as we can.

May your Orbs always flip successfully under the protection of a Guardian Beast!


The Illuminati Beasts of the Bay