Revised 40 for Ballers


Games for Ante Anyone?

Revised 40  for Ballers is a unique format played for ante, with 40 card decks, no sideboards, no sleeves, and with only cards printed in Revised Edition.  The rules (or lack thereof) are as follows:

  • All ante cards are restricted to 1 copy per deck (Contract from Below, Darkpact, and Demonic Attorney).

  • Cards that are the ante prize of each game are not for keeps.  Instead, each ante card is subject to being altered and signed by the winner of each game.  See the below pictures for what to expect to happen to any and all cards placed into ante during games of Revised 40 for Ballers.

  • Decks must have at least 10 unique cards not including basic lands.   (i.e. each deck must include 10 cards with different English names, which are not basic lands)

  • Otherwise there are NO four (4) copy limits as is typical in normal  formats.

  • This is played with modern rules, but with ante and mana burn. 

  • Decks must be exactly 40 cards and contain only cards printed in Revised.

  • No card sleeves are permitted.