Revised 40 for Ballers


Games for Ante Anyone?

Revised 40  for Ballers is a unique format played for ante, with 40 card decks, no sideboards, no sleeves, and with only cards printed in Revised Edition.  The rules (or lack thereof) are as follows:

  • All ante cards are restricted to 1 copy per deck (Contract from Below, Darkpact, and Demonic Attorney). 

  • Decks must have at least 10 unique cards not including basic lands.   (i.e. each deck must include 10 cards with different English names, which are not basic lands)

  • Otherwise there are NO four (4) copy limits as is typical in normal  formats.

  • This is played with modern rules, but with ante and mana burn. 

  • Decks must be exactly 40 cards and contain only cards printed in Revised.

  • No card sleeves are permitted.